Savagely Vintage

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Savagely: in a fierce, violent, and uncontrolled manner

Vintage: 2 of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality. Classic

You will NEVER hear me say that anyone is “too old” or it’s just “too late” to begin a new dream, establish a new plan, or embark on a new journey. We only truly grow old when we give up and remain stagnant. Age means nothing – except in the manner in which we become VINTAGE. . . of enduring interest, importance or quality!

The FTM Wellness Savagely Vintage group is a community of women who will celebrate and encourage each other. You will have exclusive access to workouts, recipes, yoga sessions, Zumba sessions, fitness and health tips, as well as active participation within this community!

In order to remain exclusive and to insure all Savagely Vintage members have private access, there is a membership fee of $24.99 per month. Once enrolled, you will receive an invitation to join our private Facebook group!

Savagely Vintage Membership

Exclusive access to a private community of Savagely Vintage women, just like you! Membership gives you exclusive access to workouts, yoga sessions, recipes, fitness and health tips, and active participation within this community. There will be a recurring monthly cost of $24.99 per month to maintain your membership.