12-Week Building a Healthy Busy Mom Lifestyle

As our children get older and their lives become busier, of course, moms get super busy. Athletics, band, cheering, chorus, doctors vists – there are a million and one things to take us off of our regularly scheduled routines and keep our wheels spinning. Guess what? That does NOT mean you put yourself on the back burner, Mom. YOU are super important, and insuring you get the necessary self care is an investment not only in yourself, but in your family. (If Mama goes down with an illness, what gets done?)

And yes it CAN be done! Coach Lisa is implementing a brand new 12-week program for busy moms to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle – throughout all the seasons.

Are you ready to dig deep? Are you committed to making a few changes and being consistent? If you are, then this is the program for you! You will end this 12 weeks with the knowledge and practical application to master your nutrition, get those gain-producing workouts in, lose body fat (and keep it off), build lean, mean muscle, and to stay motivated. Remember – this isn’t only for you; think of the example you will be setting for your children.