Let’s Get Real

Isn’t it crazy how fast this summer break has gone by?  This entire year, for that matter?!  Have you reached our goals yet?  If you haven’t, why not?  Did you set any goals for yourself?  If you didn’t, why not?  Are you better / healthier than you were in January?  If you aren’t, wouldn’t that be a fantastic goal?

Here’s the thing  – in order to make sustainable changes, a 14-day or 30-day diet simply will not be effective.   Any kind of life-altering change requires overall lifestyle changes.  Bad habits need to be broken, and new, healthy habits need to be formed.   This is the reality, so how bad do you really want that healthier life?  Are you already feeling defeated because you think you just cannot make these changes?  Are you worried about what you’ll be giving up more than what you’ll be gaining?  If so, I can promise your focus is in the wrong place.  We are Divinely designed, friends!  Our Heavenly Father created every cell in our bodies and gave us all we need to live healthy, purpose-filled lives.  The Bible tells us that with God, all things are possible.  So – let’s look at this one more time in a different light. . . you might doubt your own ability and your own strength, but don’t ever doubt Him!  

So, let’s start over.  You CAN begin this new school year and upcoming fall season with brand new goals, and make spectacular progress by Christmas.  You’ll need a pen and your journal, or some paper.  (If you haven’t started a journal, this is the perfect time!)  Yes – right now.  Stop reading; get the pen and paper.

  • Goals:  First, write down any and all goals you want to meet.  These can be big goals and/or smaller, more short-term goals.  These can be physical, health, aesthetic, spiritual, – all of the above!  Add time frames for these goals.
  • Obstacles: Secondly, write down any and all obstacles – anything that you believe has prevented you from achieving your goals in the past, and anything you believe that may be a problem for you in the near future.  
  • Now for the hardest part – review your goals, then review the obstacles.  Honestly evaluate each goal, and each obstacle.  Are the goals you listed realistic?  Are the obstacles you listed true obstacles or excuses?  Obstacles can be met with solutions, and excuses need to be thrown away.  
  • Be honest with yourself, and realistic in your expectations.  If your health is in a decline, and you’ve gained a considerable amount of weight over the past year or two, it’s unfair to expect major changes to occur quickly.  Healthy, sustainable weight loss takes time.  

Now it’s time to put it all together!  Tweak your goals if you found that they might have been unrealistic or overly optimistic.  Set yourself up for success!  For example, if you want to drop 50 to 75 pounds, make that your long-term goal, 9 (9) to 12 months.  Then set smaller goals – 12 pounds in 30 days, or drinking 1 gallon of water a day for 30 days.  Achieving smaller goals on your journey to that long-term goal is incredibly motivating, and decreases the amount you have to lose for that overall goal.  Write these down in a journal, and in your calendar.  

Next up – obstacles!  Hopefully you’ve already crossed off the things that are actually excuses.  Obstacles can be overcome or at least worked around.  If time is an issue, especially time where childcare is concerned – maybe working out at home before everyone wakes up is your solution.  You will see great benefits and results from just 30 minutes three (3) or (4) days a week.  Is proper nutrition and meal planning an obstacle?  Use Instacart or order your groceries online to pick up on your way home.  Utilize a slow cooker to prepare meals, at least your protein sources, that won’t require you to stand over the stove.  Purchase produce that’s already chopped and ready to cook.  These little steps can help you make the best use of your time and still prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family.  

Please keep in mind that non-scale victories are MORE important than the number on the scale.  How your clothes fit, increased energy levels, increased strength and stamina, improved mobility, etc., are successes!  

Now you have your homework – get started before your kids go back to school so you’ll have a plan in place.  You’ll be way ahead of the game and ready to tackle the busy season of Fall while crushing your goals!!  

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