Some days that #momlife hits harder than others, doesn’t it?  Just this weekend, I took my youngest son for his senior pictures.  My BABY boy. . . So many “lasts” this month!  The last open house, last back-to-school shopping trip, his last first day of school. . .  Many of you are likely experiencing something similar, whether it’s the first year of preschool, first year of Kindergarten, last year of elementary, last year of middle school – so many emotions!!  And so, so much to do.  Getting back into a daily school-day routine has its ups and downs.  Choose to look at the positives, and keep going!  Set a new schedule for yourself; one that includes self care.  It IS crucial, and here’s why!

  1. Sweet Mama, you are always teaching your littles.  Whether they are tiny littles or older, they’re watching everything you do and hearing everything you say.  Yes, I know teenagers seem to be blatantly oppositional and uninterested, but they ARE watching and listening.  They learn as much, if not more, from what you do over what you say.  Establishing healthy habits and guidelines, then sticking with them, is putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak.  Set your legacy for your children, and make it a healthy one!
  1. Taking care of yourself is absolutely NOT selfish!  Your family is depending on you.  Be proactive with your health to ensure that you will be capable of being active and present for your children and your spouse.  There will always be doctors appointments, school programs, daily homework, music and/or sports practices, concerts, games, birthday parties, etc.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes nutrition, exercise, and proactive medical care.  Believe me, establishing a clean diet and exercise program will also help you tremendously in handling stress, and minimizing chronic health issues!  Your emotional and mental health are just as important as your internal, physical health!
  1. Your longevity is at stake!  Even if your children are really young right now, I promise they will be grown in the blink of an eye.  God willing, we all get older.  Wouldn’t you want to be just as active and present for your grandchildren as you are right now for your children?  Maintaining your physical health has the added benefits of maintaining (if not improving) your balance, flexibility, mobility, and strength.  None of us want to go into our golden years in a diminished capacity.  And the simple fact is – it’s up to us to maintain what we have!
  1. As mamas we are always taking care of others.  Of course, we would rather be the one giving care than to be the one needing care.  There is absolutely NO reason that getting older should slow us down.  Being proactive with your health, and active in improving or maintaining your fitness level will ensure that you can level up instead of ramping down.  Get out there and live your best life!    

The choice is yours, sweet mama.  My hope is that you choose to live WELL!  You are more than capable AND deserving.  If you need help getting started or in implementing a plan, I’m here for you!

2 thoughts on “#MomLife

  1. Karen Huff

    Thank you for your continuous uplifting emails! I need these reminders more that ever right now while taking care of my parents. I miss you! Hope you and yours have a great fall.😘


  2. Fit Teacher Mom Post author

    Thank you so much, Karen! I sure do miss you! I pray that these will continue to be encouraging and helpful in so many ways for you. Praying for you and your parents, as well. Wishing you a wonderful fall as well!



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