Tis The Season

Are you wondering how to stay on track with your goals AND enjoy the holidays? Well, here you go:

The Christmas season is here and in FULL SWING!  It can certainly be stressful, but take a minute, Sis, and just breathe.   Focus on the magic of the season instead of the stress.  Let’s talk about ways to manage the busy, stressful “to do” list and stay on track of your goals all at the same time.  There really is no need to sacrifice yourself or your goals to the chaos.   

Keeping Workouts in the Holiday Schedule

The Christmas bustle may have you thinking there’s just not enough time to get everything in, so your workouts will just have to be on hold.   Okay, we all have more on our list this season, so we have to be a little more creative.  Just don’t give up!!  The best way to manage the added stress is to burn it off with exercise.  Getting in a good workout will:

* relieve stress, 

* boost your energy levels,

* improve your mood and release endorphins,

* promote better sleep,

* help maintain weight,

* help maintain your productivity in other areas of your life, and

* strengthen your natural immune system.

Maybe increased traffic, holiday parties and programs, cooking and shopping are making getting into the gym almost impossible.   That does not mean you can’t get that workout in!  Evaluate your day – look for times in the morning, during lunch, or in the evening where you can plug in a workout.  Maybe wake up 30 minutes earlier three or four days a week and get in a HIIT circuit, body weight exercise, or yoga session.  Maybe a 20-minute workout on the stairs at your work or at home.  Crank up some music at home and dance – throw in some squats, lunges, crunches, pushups, etc.  There you go – workout done!!

Holiday Hacks to Stay on Track

Don’t ever forget that YOU are the only one truly in control – not circumstances, not your emotions, and not food.  If you stay on track with your goals and make healthy choices, I promise you will feel so much better!   Eating unhealthy foods will take its toll on your body, and you will end up with headaches, digestive issues, joint problems, and guilt.  Making healthy food choices will alleviate all the above, and give you improved energy without the guilt!  It’s about balance for the holidays.  Of course enjoy the treats and holiday dishes.  Just make sure you take in more healthy meals, and that you EAT ENOUGH!  Under no circumstances should you ever skip meals.  That does more harm and is the quickest way to sabotage your progress.

Here are a few healthy holiday survival tips:

1. Drink water!  Drink a LOT Of water!

2. Eat a healthy meal BEFORE you attend that holiday party

3. Get your workouts in; be creative with your schedule

4. Modify your recipes – use healthy alternatives! (Cook with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter)

5. Don’t “graze.”  Eat healthy meals and healthy snacks

6. Eat more vegetables, especially if you’re eating treats

7. Eat normal portions, don’t eat until you’re stuffed

8. Be intentional about the treats you choose; don’t waste your calories!

9. Be prepared; keep healthy snacks in your work bag or purse

10. Enjoy the holiday dishes in moderation

You see, there is no need to add any more stress or guilt into your holidays. Take a good look at your calendar, your schedule, and find a little time to get some type of workout in at least 3 or 4 days each week. Be proactive and intentional about packing healthy meals and/or snacks to take with you. Drink lots of water. You’ll find that you feel better, and are less hungry throughout the day. And, you’ll find that that balance of clean nutrition with holiday parties and treats leaves you moving forward with your progress without guilt.

As always, if I can help you at all with nutrition, time management, and or workouts, I’m here for you! Please just let me know.

Wishing you all a blessed and memorable Christmas season!

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