Motivation Versus Dedication

Have you seen people in your gym or in your circle who seem to have an easier time or more success than you in reaching their goals?  Someone whom you believe has something you don’t?   Don’t you dare fall for that!  No one is always motivated, and crushing goals is just as hard for everyone.  Those “lucky” people you see who seem to always crush their goals aren’t nearly as lucky as you think.  And they aren’t always motivated each and every day.  Every single human has obstacles; success or failure all stems from how we handle those obstacles.

Dedication (discipline) will take you a lot farther than motivation.  Pick a goal or an athlete/person who motivates you.  That’s  a fantastic way to start!  Just remember that ideal physique that is motivating cannot possibly be responsible for your goal.  It’s all up to you!  So, set and then commit to your goal – and plan each day around reaching that goal.  It’s absolutely ok to dream big!!  A dream is simply a goal with a deadline.  So set those goals – maybe even a long-term goal and a few short-term goals.

This isn’t a vague idea or notion.  Need some concrete steps to move forward?  Here you go:

 1. Write it down!  Begin a journal and write down your goal(s).  Set a deadline for yourself.  Make a plan.  Date each journal entry, including the first day.  Write down any beginning standard of measurement – weight, measurements, energy levels, clothing size, fitness ability (running distance, lifting max, etc.,)

 2. Write important dates and reminders in your calendar or planner.  Enter them on your phone.  Scheduling important steps will be reminders on the days that motivation can’t be found.  This is where dedication kicks in.  Follow your plan!

 3. If healthier eating is something that will help you reach your goal, write out grocery lists that consist of clean, natural foods.  Schedule one or two days to do your grocery shopping, and DO NOT deviate from your list!  

* Schedule a day or two every week to cook and prepare healthy meals ahead of time.  Separate foods into meals and put into easy to grab containers for on-the-go.

 4. Getting workouts in consistently each week will also help you reach your goals.  Schedule these as well, even down to what you plan to do each day.  For example:  Fitness class on Mondays and Thursdays, resistance training Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, boot camp or yoga on Saturdays.  

* Pack your gym bag with everything you’ll need the night before.  If you’re heading to the gym or fitness studio after work, you’ll be ready.  

 5. If you’re not sure what steps to take, need consistent accountability, and/or are truly dedicated to crushing your goals, seriously consider hiring a personal trainer.  Leaving the “heavy” planning to a professional relieves a lot of stress for you.  All you do is follow the plan!

 6. DO NOT GIVE UP.  No matter what happens, no matter what types of obstacles life throws at you – keep going!  We all have off days.  We all make mistakes and slip off track.  Beating yourself up and giving up is never the answer.  Give yourself some grace.  Get right back on track.  

* If you get sick, let your body rest and recover.  Stick with healthy eating.  Your body will recover more quickly!  

Being motivated is fantastic!   It definitely gets you moving in the right direction in setting goals and in taking those first steps.   That initial motivation will waver and wane… make that commitment, establish a plan, and be intentional, be disciplined.   Look for that professional personal trainer to help you establish a realistic plan.  YOU are in control!!

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