Ahhh Sugar, Sugar

Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?  Who doesn’t love dessert?!  Even though most of us have different preferences, the vast majority of us crave sweet treats.  For goodness sake, there are holidays all about candy and treats!  While we all know that these sweets are unhealthy for our bodies or our teeth, everyone may not know how many hidden sources of sugar we ingest daily. I also doubt most people know just how dangerous sugar is!

Since the Corona virus pandemic hit in 2020, people are more concerned with staying healthy than ever.  God designed our bodies to protect our natural immunities – provided we take the proper care of them!  Obviously, clean, natural foods are best for us.  Each of us knows the obvious; for example, that we need vegetables more than we need cookies or donuts.  But there are too many hidden sources of sugar in our diets daily:

* concentrated fruit juices

* sweetened yogurt

* children’s cereals

* individual packs of fruit (orange slices, diced peaches)

* ketchup

* low-fat snack packs

* energy drinks

* energy bars

* recovery drinks like Gatorade and Powerade

* salad dressings

* crackers

* dried fruit

* potato chips, cheetos, etc.,

* bread

* alcohol

Your safest choice is to avoid processed foods.  Refined, processed white breads, chips, pastas, fruit, etc., will be loaded with hidden sugars in addition to many other chemicals and preservatives that just aren’t healthy for you.  Now you have an idea how and where sugars can hide.  Are you aware of all of the dangers of sugar?  Let’s talk about some of those:

* increase your risk of heart disease

* will cause weight gain

* has been linked to acne

* increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

* could increase risk of cancer

* could increase risk of depression

* could increase skin aging process

* could increase cellular aging

* can suppress your immune system

* can cause tooth decay & gum disease

* will affect cognitive function and ability to focus in children

* increases stress

* can take the place of important nutrients

Are you worried that you may be taking in too much sugar?  Here are a few symptoms of too much sugar:

* brain fog

* decreased energy; energy crash

* difficulty sleeping

* heart disease and heart attack

* mood disorders

* skin issues – acne and wrinkles

* tooth decay

* cravings and weight gain

* Type 2 Diabetes

* high blood pressure

* digestive issues

* you’re always hungry

* joint pain

* constantly bloated

* loss of strength and/or muscle mass

* loss of motivation to work out

* food never tastes sweet enough

Your health and longevity is worth far more that yummy treat!  Find a balance and alternatives to satisfy your sweet tooth. There ARE alternatives that are just as yummy! I promise you’ll feel better – now and for the long haul.  Always see your doctor if you have concerns about your health.  It’s better to rule out an issue and have peace of mind in moving forward.  And always reach out to a personal trainer or nutritionist if you want accountability and/or assistance in establishing a plan!

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