Are Multivitamins Really That Important?

I’m certain that each of us has heard “take your vitamins” daily throughout childhood and almost as often as adults.   Guess what?  They really are important!  I hope you’re all taking them still, and if you aren’t, go on and add them back into your daily routine!  Here’s why –

Even when eating clean and making sure that you’re taking in the proper nutrients, multivitamins help fill in any nutritional gaps.  Think of vitamins as additional nutrient insurance, regardless of age, stage of life, and dietary preferences. There are as many reasons to take a good multivitamin as there are formulations for them:

  • They boost immune function
  • They boost longevity
  • They boost brain health (help prevent the onset of dementia-related diseases)
  • They boost healthy hair, nails, and skin
  • They boost bone and muscle function
  • They boost heart health
  • They boost overall eye health

Need a boost?  Maybe taking that multivitamin is a good idea after all!!

So you’ve decided to add vitamins back into your daily routine, but there are SO many choices!  Which brand and which formulation is best for you?  Here are a few tips, per UT Southwestern Medical Center:

  • Look for the USP (U.S. Pharmocopeial Convention) verification logo or seal.  You can check your vitamin online through or
  • Choose a vitamin with 100% of the daily value of most of its ingredients.  
  • Look for the right blend for your gender and age, as nutrient needs can vary depending on these factors.  If you are in any phase of menopause or perimenopause, you will need higher concentrations of calcium, Vitamins B6, Iron, etc.  If you have questions, ask your doctor, nutritionist, or pharmacist for suggestions.
  • Be sure to look for essential micronutrients such as:
    • vitamin c, 
    • calcium, 
    • magnesium, 
    • iron, 
    • potassium, 
    • Thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin
    • Selenium,
    • Zinc,
    • Vitamins B6, B12, and folate
    • Vitamins A, E, and K
    • Vitamins D2 or D3

One other tip is that, while gummy vitamins are certainly easier for those who have trouble swallowing large pills, the quality and quantity of nutrients will be less than the standard form due to how they are made.

While finding the right brand and formulation can be daunting, rest assured that simply adding a multivitamin to your daily nutrition will be a huge boost!   I personally recommend taking vitamins in the morning WITH your first meal.  I never take them on an empty stomach.

If you aren’t already using a multivitamin, I highly recommend that you do.  Filling in nutritional gaps will surely help you reach your goals and maintain your health and immunity!

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