May Day!

Welcome to May!  We finally made it to warmer, sunnier days – and soooo much closer to summer!  As a teacher and a mom, I can attest to how busy and straight up chaotic May can be.  We have spring sports, banquets, testing, teacher appreciation, Mother’s Day, and ALL of the end of the school year things.  The end of the school year is even more hectic than the Christmas season!  Hang in there Mom – we’ve got this!

As our lists of places to be and things to do grows, please don’t let that distract you from your goals!  We may have to be more creative at getting our workouts in, or much more intentional about how and when we meal prep.   Just do not put your own health on a back burner.

Let’s look at some options that might help us get through this busy season with our goals being crushed along the way!  

1. Nutrition is our top priority.  Even if you get in all of your workouts, but you aren’t fueling your body well, you’re really just wasting your time and energy.  

  • Make a grocery list.  Shop only from this list, and don’t let cravings get in the way.  Maybe even order online and pick up your groceries to maximize your time and minimize your time browsing the aisles in the store.
  • Pick your least busy day or days to prepare your meals ahead of time.  Separate portions out for meals, and pack them away in your refrigerator.  It will be super easy to grab a meal and go!
  • Utilize protein shakes and protein bars when you’re going to be out and about.  Make wraps (instead of sandwiches with bread) that can be eaten on the go without the need for reheating.  Even a snack of apples and peanut butter will stave off hunger and prevent that trip through a fast food drive through.

2. Busy schedule?  Then go ahead and review your calendar and schedule your workouts for the week.  I mean actually write it in or enter it on your phone’s calendar.

  • Do you need to get up earlier?  Maybe watch a little less television?  (Or maybe watch while you’re working out at home) Set yourself up for success by carving out time just for you – just 20 to 30 minutes each day will add up!
  • Pack your gym bag the night before and go ahead and put it in the car!  Leave yourself no excuses.  
  • This includes charging your headphones and putting them in your purse or gym bag the night before as well.  
  • Maybe it’s helpful to just leave a pair of socks, sports bra, and leggings or shorts in your bag – just in case.
  • Working out at home? Set your alarm for 45 minutes before you normally would to give yourself enough time to get a workout in before jumping in the shower.  Have to run the kids to school first?  Go ahead and be dressed to workout when you take them so you can get started as soon as you get home – before tackling that to-do list.
  • At the very least, get outside for a walk in the sunshine!  The fresh air and natural Vitamin D will be a wonderful boost, energizing activity, and stress reducer for you.  Have a dog who needs to go out?  Instead of just letting him or her out in the yard, put that leash on and go for a walk!  At least walk laps around your yard while your pup sniffs and explores.

3. Start a to-do list!  Keep pen and paper handy, or use a notes app on your phone.  Each time you remember something that has to be done or something new comes up, go ahead and add it.  It sounds like more work, but I promise it helps tremendously to see the tasks ahead of you.  Maybe multiple  things can be handled in one trip.  Maybe you can coordinate all of your computer and communications oriented tasks together.  I absolutely love being able to check things off as I go!  That relieves stress just to see tasks taken care of.

4. Keep your bedtime routine!  Even with more things needing to be done, add these last-minute thoughts to your to-do list, and leave yourself time to wind down.  You’ll be able to function much better, and your brain will be less foggy with a good night’s sleep.  

  • Feeling too stressed to sleep?  Maybe use a sound machine or sound app on your phone. I use a sound machine to play ocean waves at night, and it is most definitely relaxing!
  • Save a few minutes before bed to practice a little restorative yoga!  Practice the deep breathing, and get in some relaxing stretches to help your body and mind relax.
  • Turn off the tv and set your phone down about 30 minutes before turning in.  Maybe read a book or drink some Calm tea.

5. Drink. Your. Water.  Even though you might feel the need to load up on coffee and/or sodas to keep your energy up, water is your best bet!  Coffee, teas, and sodas will leave you dehydrated.  By all means, enjoy a cup or two of coffee!!!  I mix my coffee in with my protein and collagen each morning.  It’s filling, and so easy to take with me as I start my day.   But, make sure you drink plenty of water every day.  As the temperatures go up, our bodies will need extra water.  

May is wonderful, and summer is close!  I realize first hand that this means we have a lot on our plates, my friends.  We can certainly handle it all like champions, AND maintain our own personal fitness/wellness journeys.  I know we can do it!  Please feel free to read over all of the options on this site for boot camps, yoga classes, and personal training with me.  And please email me at, or reach out to me through my Contact Me link on this site if you would like to chat about your goals or how I can help you reach them!  I would love to help you reveal all the wonderful things you are capable of!

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