A Mother’s Legacy

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my mommy friends, and to all of our mothers!  Hopefully we all have precious childhood memories of our own mothers.  I know that not all of us have had ideal childhoods, but you’ve pushed through to make wonderful lives on your own.  Whether our strengths were instilled because of our childhood or in spite of it, we are now leading and teaching our own children.

Regardless of age, our children are always watching us.  Our daughters and sons learn as much from watching how we handle every situation as they do from things we intentionally teach them.   We all have our own priorities on the things we are intentional about – manners, alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, doing chores, etc.  But what are we teaching them unintentionally?  What are our habits?  What do our children see as our priorities?  Are these things the legacies we want to instill in our children?

If you make your health a priority by eating clean, whole foods and getting workouts in, your children are far more likely to do the same.  It’s nearly impossible to expect your children to eat fruits and vegetables if you don’t.  If you’re eating fast food and junk food, it will be much harder to get them to eat healthy foods at home.  Even though fast foods may be easier when our children are little, it’s definitely a hard habit to break as they grow older!  

As they grow, our children are always watching and adapt their behaviors and choices to what they learn from us.  Being a mommy is such a huge responsibility – and an unspeakable joy!  Being mindful of what we do and what we say at all times is overwhelming. . . do my boys see me pray?  Do they see me reading my Bible?  Do they hear me speak respectfully to cashiers, servers, doctors, nurses, etc.?  Do my words and my actions match?  

Not one of us is perfect!  Give yourself some grace, sweet mama.  I’m certain your little, or not-so-little anymore treasures know that they are loved.  Teach them about Jesus!  I believe that taking responsibility for our mistakes and allowing them to see that we are actually human teaches them amazing lessons as well.

Just keep loving those babies, give yourself some grace, and make sure you take time for yourself!  None of us can pour from an empty cup, and letting your family see that you’re investing in your mental and physical health is so important.  That in itself is teaching something valuable to them!

Take care of yourself – drink lots of water, eat clean fruits and vegetables, get fresh air, sunshine, some exercise, and rest.  And Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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